About us

We are a spin-off company from Ghent University offering modelling software and consultancy services for the food and pharmaceutical industry. 

We want to leverage academic innovations to solve PAT and process development challenges.

As we obtained our PhDs at the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Process Analytical Technology led by Prof. dr. Thomas De Beer and at BIOMATH led by Prof. dr. Ingmar Nopens, our backgrounds and unique combination of expertise allow us to tackle current pharmaceutical process development challenges.

Find out more about the people behind Elegent below. 

      Michiel Peeters, Drs.

      Michiel holds a master's degree in Industrial Pharmacy and is currently working on his PhD in pharmaceutical twin-screw wet granulation and in-line process analytical technology. He is responsible for the process and formulation development projects. 

      Alexander Ryckaert, PhD

      Alexander is an industrial pharmacist who obtained his PhD which was focussing on feeding, twin-screw wet granulation, fluid bed drying, tabletting and spectroscopic tools. Currently, he is further applying spectroscopic tools as a postdoctoral researcher. Raw materials characterization and PAT tools are Alexander's responsibility for Elegent. 

      Daan Van Hauwermeiren, PhD

      After obtaining his engineering degree, Daan pursued a PhD in simulating particle size distributions in twin-screw wet granulation using both mechanistic as well as data-driven approaches. At Elegent, Daan is responsible for data science and constructing machine learning tools for pharmaceutical applications.

      Michael Ghijs, PhD

      With an engineering background, Michael completed his PhD in pharmaceutical fluid bed drying, applying process modelling and hyperspectral imaging. While continuing these features, Michael is also responsible for the software product and the mechanistic process modelling at Elegent.