Custom solutions

Elegent supports your in-house advancements in digital formulation and process development.


Harnessing the power of modelling relies on model reliability, interpretability and ease of application. Elegent can support you if you want to develop custom tools in this framework for in-house application in all of these domains, find out how below.

Developing your in-house models

Reliable models are built on quality, efficient data collection, the right modeling approach, and thorough evaluation of predictive power. Effective models provide valuable insights for future formulation development, enabling trustworthy, digitally-assisted formulation processes.

At Elegent, we specialize in all aspects of model development related to pharmaceutical powder properties and compression. Our expertise makes us your premier partner for custom modeling solutions, ensuring you achieve the best results for your specific needs.

Application of your custom solution

Elegent excels in both modeling and dashboard/software development. We provide support in creating visuals and reports that deliver actionable insights, as well as developing a software application for consistent use within your company. Elegent tailors all aspects of presenting information in user-friendly formats for formulation development, including thorough model diagnostics and case interpretation, for swift application to accelerate your R&D on solid dosage process development.