Process modelling

Elegent can provide support, guidance or carry out process modelling projects for operations in pharmaceutical manufacturing


Custom modelling services

Process models can be developed from various starting points, each determining the path taken in the modeling process. When working with a large dataset, data-driven models can be employed to quickly assess the predictive power for a specific device. On the other hand, when a knowledge base on the key mechanisms of particular equipment is available, it provides a foundation for mechanistic modeling approaches. A strategy that combines the strengths of both approaches can be employed to enhance the reliability of model development.

At Elegent, we offer guidance and support throughout the entire model development process. Our services include data collection, ensuring the construction of high-quality datasets and the design of experiments. We assist in model selection, implementation, and integration of the model into drug product development activities. By leveraging the advantages of both data-driven and mechanistic modeling approaches, we can help you achieve a robust and effective model that enhances your drug product development endeavors.

An initial consultation is free of charge, if you would like to get in touch to see what Elegent can offer for your process model development, or would like to know more on the benefits of applying process models, please contact us anytime.