Data collection

As a spin-off company of Ghent University, Elegent has access to a wide array of characterisation techniques for pharmaceutical powders, granules and tablets. Also production equipment is available, an entire data collection from raw material properties to product critical quality attributes can be carried out.  Would guidance on data collection or measurements on a specific site be needed? Elegent offers data collection and general OSD production expertise, augmented with data analysis techniques, to conduct data collection on location.

For a full list of measurement equipment available to Elegent, please download our overview below.

Download Elegent equipment list 


A large dataset on tabletting outcome at the input of various formulations and process settings, is at the disposal of Elegent. Data-driven prediction based on this dataset gives presents an unmatched tool to enhance OSD development. Concisely, the dataset currently gives the power to estimate the following critical quality attributes:

  • Tensile strength
  • Friability
  • Hardness
  • Thickness
  • Weight variation
  • Disintegration time
  • Ejection force

based on formulation and process settings. 

On the verge of pharmaceutical engineering

Elegent has the unique given that all of its members are educated in pharmaceutical engineering, with different earlier backgrounds of pharmaceutical industrial science and bio-engineering. 
This way, they are positioned exactly on the intersection between pharmaceutical technology, experimental experience, data science and process modelling. 

They have collaborated already for several years on different topics, refining their approach to various research challenges in drug product development. Some cases include the extensive analysis of continuous (twin-screw) wet granulation and tabletting, augmenting mechanistic process knowledge on these devices and developing accurate predictive models. Also extensive experience with spectroscopy, both in implementation and interfacing and data science, or applications of chemical imaging, pertain to the know-how.

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