Our services

Process and formulation development

Using data-driven and mechanistic modelling tools to reduce time-to-market and R&D costs.

Experimental capabilities to support the development of continuous twin-screw wet granulation and tabletting processes.


Spectroscopic model development

Evaluation of (new) PAT tools

 Advanced applications (such as hybrid predictive modeling, dissolution profile modeling, ...) 

Process modelling services

Development of custom data-driven and mechanistic models.

Advice on suitable modelling approaches for your system
and/or an assessment of this approach.

Our resources

State-of-the-art tools

Be on track with the latest developments

Advanced modelling

New modelling approaches have proven their worth and could do so for your process

Find optimal model

Extract the maximum of information from your dataset, apply the best model set-up

Optimal data handling

We are familiar with your data


We take care of experimental work

Process equipment

Alleviate the occupation on your own processes for product development

PAT equipment

In-line measurements can be done at our facilities

Clean-rooms upcoming

Industry-level conditions

Characterisation equipment

Advanced data collection results in high quality process development improvements

A typical project workflow

Analyse problem

Elegent analyses the problem of our customers and proposes solutions or ways to enhance DPD efficiency.

Carry out solution

Experiments, data analysis and modelling are performed.


Timely presentations of the progress of the work.


Clear reporting and assistance with the implementation of our solution in your company.