Virtual Process Modeling Suite

Apply advanced digital tools in-house to accelerate your drug product and process development

with our cloud-based software package. 

The Virtual Process Modeling Suite of Elegent has been created to bring the practical use of our extensive database and high-quality models to your fingertips!

Current functionalities include:

  • Evaluation of formulation powder flow in a tablet press
    In function of a chosen formulation, the probability of achieving good flow in the tablet press is predicted. Good flow is denoted when the predicted relative standard deviation on tablet weight for this formulation is smaller than 2%. Through a ternary diagram, this flow quality can immediately be assessed in function of varying concentration of the formulation components. 

  • Continuous direct compression (CDC) assessment
    In function of a chosen formulation, tablet critical quality attributes are predicted in function of various critical process parameters. The Suite currently holds models for prediction of tablet tensile strength, ejection force and friability.

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